Top 5 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Find Your Next Job

Networking is one of the BEST strategies for finding your next job.  And, LinkedIn is a POWERFUL online networking tool.  Here are my top 5 tips for using LinkedIn to build your network and help you find your next job.

  1. Privately signal to recruiters you’re looking.  Did you know you can privately signal to recruiters that you’re looking for a job via LinkedIn’s “Open Candidate” feature?  Once you turn this feature on, you are more likely to hear from recruiters about potential job opportunities.  Recruiters are constantly searching profiles on LinkedIn and “cold calling” candidates about jobs.  Learn how to turn on the “Open Candidate” feature here:

  2. Build a high-impact profile.  Your LinkedIn profile is FREE ADVERTISING and just like with a resume, design and content matter.  Use a professional head shot and attractive cover photo, use a headline that describes the type of position you’re looking for, write an authentic summary, and copy/paste your resume into your profile so they match.  Seek out examples of profiles to get ideas- there are tons of excellent profiles out there. 

  3. Personalize your message requests.  Rather than blindly sending a request to connect, LinkedIn allows you to send a personal message with the request.  Send a genuine message with your requests, i.e. how you know each other or something you have in common and why you’re reaching out to them.

  4. Stop selling, start sharing.  Post content on LinkedIn that is authentic and relevant to your industry or the job you are seeking.  Anytime you ask someone for something, ask this in return: “How can I support your business or career goals?”

  5. Stay active.  Cultivating your network is so important.  You don’t want to wait until you need your network to reach out to them.  Set aside a few minutes a day to congratulate people on their work anniversaries and promotions (LinkedIn makes this super easy to do), “like” other people’s posts, follow people or companies you’re interested in, or post content.

Need help with your LinkedIn profile?

As a Career Coach, I write high-impact LinkedIn profiles and resumes for my clients.  If you need help maximizing your LinkedIn profile to help you find your next position, contact me at:


Skye Mercer, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

HR Consultant / Career Coach

Skye Mercer