Leadership Coaching

Expert, customized leadership coaching programs and individual sessions.  Participants gain: Improved communication skills, more self-confidence, and a greater capacity for motivating teams and improving productivity.


Leadership Coaching Programs & Individual Coaching Sessions

Whereas traditional training focuses on building knowledge from a professional development perspective, leadership coaching focuses on building knowledge and skills from a professional and personal development perspective. Leadership coaching uses self assessment, goal setting, support of the individual’s direct supervisor, real-life practice, and action planning to help the leader make sustained changes in leadership skills and abilities. Individual coaching programs and individual coaching sessions are completely collaborative and can be customized to meet your individual or company needs.

“Welcome to Leadership” Coaching Program

“Welcome to Leadership” is an 8-week coaching program designed to prepare newly promoted leaders for their new role. Participants gain competency in: 

  • Managing employee performance:  Performance coaching, delegation, and disciplinary action.

  • Building trust and motivating employees:  Strengths-based leadership, leading team meetings, and meaningful employee recognition.

  • Recruiting and retaining the best employees:  Interviewing, onboarding, and training new employees.

  • Employment law “101”:  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Worker’s Compensation, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)/managing hourly employees, and anti-harassment/non-discrimination.


“Next Level Leadership” Coaching Program

“Next Level Leadership” is an 8-week coaching program for mid-career leaders who want to improve their leadership skills and enhance their team’s performance.  This program can be customized based on the individual’s needs.  Participants gain competency in:

  • Communicating and influencing individuals and teams.

  • Motivating employees, building trust, and increasing the team’s productivity.

  • Managing challenging employees and in turn maximizing the performance of high-performing employees.

  • Building self-confidence, establishing professional boundaries, achieving career goals, and maintaining work-life balance.

How Coaching Works

  • Weekly or bi-weekly 60-minute, high-impact coaching sessions via phone or Zoom video (your preference).

  • Individual assignments in-between sessions to emphasize learning.  

  • Each program starts with a self- assessment, goal setting, and feedback is gathered from the participant’s supervisor and direct reports as appropriate. 

  • At the end of each program, we measure the participant’s progress and create a plan for sustained change.

Nariah Broadus

Nariah Broadus

Working with Skye….

“I immediately felt comfortable working with Skye. She has a calm, but lively and engaging demeanor that helped me feel connected to her. She stands out as a coach because she’s able to understand what’s not being said and brings this into our session so that we can discuss this together. She simultaneously pushes me to think about what’s possible for me as a leader and helps me feel supported in breaking from workplace norms that aren’t aligned with my values.” - Nariah Broadus

Skye Mercer, HR Consultant / Leadership Coach

Skye Mercer, HR Consultant / Leadership Coach

Meet the Coach

Skye Mercer, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CDMS, is a certified Human Resources (HR) professional and leadership coach with over 17 years of HR and coaching experience. Skye has coached leaders at all levels of management at non-profits, public sector, and private sector employers, including Fortune 500 companies and local and federal governments.

Skye’s coaching style is collaborative, part inquiry and part advice, and 100% led by the client’s goals and what they want to achieve. Skye’s clients say they feel more confident and effective as leaders within completing the first couple of coaching sessions.

Learn more about Skye here….

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