HR Consulting

Hire an HR expert. On-call, monthly contract, and project- based HR services available.


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HR On-Call

Fast, confidential, and objective HR expertise anytime you need it. Ideal for employers without a HR department or when outside, objective HR advice is needed.

  • Guidance on day-to-day employee management issues

  • Answers to compliance questions, such as wage and hour, harassment/discrimination, drug free workplace, FMLA, ADA, and more

  • Help navigating medical leaves and workplace accommodations

  • Assistance managing employee performance

  • Disciplinary action and termination reviews

  • Answers to compensation and benefits questions

  • Guidance on hiring or internal promotion decisions

  • Support resolving difficult workplace conflicts


Employee Handbooks

Engaging and compliant guides for your employees. Handbooks are an important tool in giving employees a clear understanding of the company’s culture and guidelines. Whether you need a simple policy revision, or a complete overhaul, I specialize in writing handbooks that are:

  • Authentic and unique to your organization

  • Straight forward and easy-to-read

  • State/Federal law compliant



On-demand, customized recruitment services. Let’s face it, recruitment is time consuming and the war for talent is real. It is also one of your organization’s most important functions: Finding the right people. I ease your burden and workload by:

  • Creating a customized recruitment strategy, and writing an eye-catching job advertisement

  • Finding employees who are the best match for your job and organization

  • Reviewing resumes, phone screening qualified candidates, and scheduling interviews

  • Creating unique, effective interviewing questions

  • Coordinating the job offer

  • Verifying references and employment history

Eliminating Performance Reviews

A shift in performance management. Have you ever received a numerical rating of your performance and been completely de-motivated? Well, you’re not alone. Research shows that employees are motivated by ongoing, meaningful contact, not a once-a-year document that feels like a report card. I have successfully helped employers:

  • Implement forward-thinking performance coaching practices in place of the traditional performance review

  • Develop a modern,effective performance management philosophy and policy

  • Train leaders on alternatives to performance reviews and how to be effective coaches

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Workplace Investigations

Fast, confidential, thorough investigations. Do you know what to do when you get a serous allegation of workplace misconduct, harassment, or discrimination? The best step you can take is hiring an objective, experienced, third party investigator to look into and help you resolve the matter. Failure to objectively investigate workplace misconduct can be costly to your organization. Having conducted internal investigations for over 10 years now in various employment settings, I provide:

  • Respectful and thorough interviews of the complainant, witnesses, and the accused person

  • An objective review of all relevant documents and materials

  • A detailed, objective, confidential report and consultation with corrective action recommendations

Leadership Training

In-person or remote training. I provide training for both new and seasoned leaders on all-things-HR. Custom courses are available as are the following :

  • Introduction to Supervising Employees: Making the leap from co-worker to supervisor.

  • The Bermuda Triangle: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and Worker’s Compensation

  • Creating a Respectful Workplace: Anti-Harassment/Non-Discrimination

  • Enhancing Workplace Climate through Diversity & Inclusion Practices

  • Work-From-Home: A Win-Win for Employees and Employers

  • Performance Coaching: Motivating and Engaging Employees

  • Creating An Authentic Workplace: “Productivity” in the Modern Workplace


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Flexible Work Arrangements

Attract and retain employees. Attracting and retaining talent in this competitive economy requires employers to think and act differently. Not only do alternative work arrangements (work-from-home, scheduling flexibility, job sharing, part-time and project work) increase productivity, they serve as a perk for employees, and a competitive advantage for employers who want to attract and retain top talent. I help organizations stand out by:

  • Creating effective work-from-home arrangements

  • Implementing flexible scheduling policies and practices

  • Retaining retirees through part-time and project based work

  • Implementing job sharing and part-time employment opportunities

Compensation Design

Create or update effective compensation systems. Compensation is another area of HR where it is critical to have an objective HR professional. Not only that, but updating one component or all of your compensation system can be very time consuming. Let me do the work for you. I will help you implement a fair, equitable and defensible compensation systems through:

  • Accurate, simple, and effective job descriptions

  • Pay grade assignments

  • Compliant pay policies

  • Detailed market survey reviews

  • Objective pay adjustment recommendations



HRIS, Applicant Tracking, and Onboarding Software

Project management to implement the technology you need. With multiple software implementations under my belt, I will serve as an expert project lead to quickly and effectively implement the HR software that best meets your organization’s needs. As your software implementation project manager, I will:

  • Present software system options, recommendations, and pricing

  • Review contracts

  • Coordinate the activities of the internal implementation team

  • Ensure successful software implementation

  • Put into place ongoing training resources for future new system users.